Would you like to be the first to hear me read my book The 7 Secrets to Essential Speaking: Find Your Voice, Change Your Life? Note, it will be the rough unedited version before I send it to my team of editors. By signing up and paying the $27 you will be helping me with the production costs. 

The way this works soon as I upload a new audio version of a chapter or a section, you will be notified. You can check in at your convenience, listen at your own pace, and comment if you'd like. 

By participating in this early-bird experience of audiobook production, you will receive:

  • Free audiobook upon post-production.
  • Free 15min ZOOM meeting with me.
  • Free Book mark

Again, these files that you get access to are raw files. I will send you an email letting you know that I've got another chapter or section for you to listen to. You are free to send me comments along the way.

Later, my team will put in music, clean up my verbal mistakes and place bell chimes between chapters. 

Once the audiobook is done, I'll be sending you a free digital copy.

Thank you for helping me produce this audiobook so it can reach more people who want to be authentic, find their voice, and speak without fear.