Private Coaching with Doreen
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Coaching sessions (in person or Skype) begin with identifying the speaking challenges you face. 

Next, we explore possible causes that have stood in the way of you freely expressing yourself. 

By uncovering what has contributed to your anxiety, you will arrive at a new clarity about how to change. 

Using my Signature 7-Step Fearless Speaking Program, together we design a personalized plan that dissolves fear and builds deep self-confidence.

These 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking are based on presence, connection, and authenticity.

• Presence keeps you calm, centered, and clear.
• Connection engages you with to your listeners.
• Authenticity brings you to your core strength.

I believe that gaining confidence to speak is not about crafting a better speech or learning performance techniques. It is about being comfortable with who you are.

Praise for Doreen...

“Doreen’s coaching helps individuals connect to their authentic self." 

"Doreen is an exquisite guide who assists in the development of genuine self-expression in all areas of life.”