Course Description

The 7 Secrets to Fearless Speaking Video Series

Doreen demonstrates how to speak from silence and be connected with yourself and your listeners.

Dr. Doreen Downing

Based on my experience dissolving my own stage fright, my expertise as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher, and my years as Training Director of Speaking Circles® International, I have discovered that being present and connected to your "Essential Self" is the key to relaxed and confident speaking. Now I offer workshops, private sessions, E-Courses, leadership training seminars, and consultations for business groups. My innovative approach is based on connecting to and speaking from your authentic self rather than focusing on performance techniques.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Fearless Speaking Secret #1: Silence

    • Silence Video

    • Silence PDF

  • 2


    • Fearless Speaking Secret #2: Presence

    • Presence Video

    • Presence PDF

  • 3

    Available Eyes

    • Fearless Speaking Secret #3: Available Eyes

    • Available Eyes Video

    • Available Eyes PDF

  • 4


    • Fearless Speaking Secret #4: Listening

    • LIstening Video

    • Listening PDF

  • 5


    • Fearless Speaking Secret #5: Positivity

    • Positivity Video

    • Positivity PDF

  • 6


    • Fearless Speaking Secret #6: Connection

    • Connection Video

    • Connection PDF

  • 7

    Be Yourself

    • Fearless Speaking Secret #7: Be Yourself

    • Be Yourself Video

    • Be Yourself PDF

  • 8


    • Summary PDF


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